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3D Home Modeling Software From HOVER

When you’re planning a home renovation or home remodel, you want to be sure the end results exceed your expectations and bring your vision to life. At Brooks Siding, Windows & Doors, our goal is to provide exceptional workmanship using quality materials that improve the beauty, value, comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of your home. We only work with the finest manufacturers, vendors, materials, and products to help our clients achieve their dream homes. We recommend using HOVER for home 3D modeling in Salem, NH. HOVER allows us to create 3D home models that show you the final result when your home renovation project is complete, allowing you to make more informed decisions about the products, materials, and techniques we use. Call us today to learn more about how we use HOVER’s 3D model software for home design solutions.

HOVER’s 3D Model Home Design Solutions

HOVER uses innovative technology and advanced rendering solutions to transform smartphone photos of your home into a fully realized, to-scale home 3D model. We can use these results to create accurate roofing and siding measurements, estimate the cost of a home improvement project, and ensure there are no oversights, rework, or mistakes. HOVER offers 3D model home design solutions to homeowners, builders, insurance companies, and distributors. The software turns smartphone photos into accurate measurements that save time and money, allow you to visualize the end result of the project in 3D, and provide more accurate estimates for the cost of home improvement services.


With just a few simple smartphone photos of your home, the HOVER software can provide highly accurate and detailed exterior and interior property measurements. Best of all, it works almost instantaneously and makes renovations more precise and efficient. Our team will never have to hand measure again, which means we’ll eliminate repeat visits and obtain details that otherwise would be hard to get. HOVER’s measurements offer highly reliable measurements and dimensions for fascia, soffit, gutters, rakes, ridges, trim, valleys, windows, and doors.


When measurements are complete, HOVER’s 3D model and design services allow you to make faster, more confident decisions about your home improvement materials, products, and details. Being able to see HOVER’s 3D model design makes it much easier to visualize the end result of your project and understand how your siding, trim, windows, and doors will look when they are installed. We can also customize material and color choices so you can make informed decisions about your home improvement projects. HOVER’s photo-realistic designs take all the guesswork out of a home remodeling project and ensure you can see your final choices and options before we begin.


Using HOVER allows us to provide more accurate estimates much faster than ever before. By providing you with an accurate, detailed estimate for your home improvement project, we can help you make more confident and informed decisions about your choices.

The Benefits of 3D Model Software for Home Design

HOVER’s 3D model software for home design is a valuable tool for homeowners, exterior contractors, and home restoration experts. No matter your skill level or tech experience, you can use HOVER’s simple software to get an accurate estimate for your home improvement project.


As a homeowner, your home improvement project should not be a mystery. HOVER's 3D model software for home design gives you all the information you need about how your project will look and what it will cost before we even begin work. We can use just a few photos of your home to generate accurate measurements and predict highly accurate end results that give you a true sense of the final results of your home renovation. You will get a 3D model of your home that we can work on with you to help you select materials and make final decisions about your project. You can use HOVER's design tools to change siding, windows, doors, and other materials with the click of a button.

Exterior Contractors

Our contractors love working with HOVER because it offers accurate measurements, detailed and accurate estimates, and exceptional renderings that make it easier for our clients to design their dream homes. We want you to understand the home improvement process from start to finish and have as much control over the end result as possible. HOVER makes it easier to provide you with an accurate view of the possibilities before we even begin work. Your home improvement project will be more transparent, more efficient, and less challenging with the use of HOVER.

Restoration Experts

HOVER can also be used for home restoration projects, repairing storm, fire, earthquake, wind, and water damage, and remodeling historic homes. HOVER offers comprehensive and accurate measurements that make it easier for us to provide your insurance company with the information they need to approve your claim. We can also use HOVER to help you select products, materials, and colors for a faster and more sound home restoration process.

Hover 3D Home Models in Salem, NH

How HOVER Creates a 3D Home Model

In order to create a 3D home model using HOVER, all we need to do is take clear, accurate photos of your home’s interior or exterior or any property or storm damage that needs to be repaired. We will take the photos for you, import them into HOVER, and get an accurately measured 3D model of your home. This model provides an accurate and detailed overview of your property, including all exterior, roofing, wall, door, and window measurements. We can then generate a detailed report of all necessary home measurements and give you a more accurate estimate for the cost of home improvements. A HOVER 3D home model also allows you to pick and choose your products and materials and see how they will look when installed.

Learn More About 3D Home Model Makers

If you’re interested in learning more about how HOVER helps us create 3D home models in Salem, NH, call us today or contact us online. Our team will be happy to schedule a consultation to go over how HOVER works and how it helps improve the accuracy and results of our home improvement services. At Brooks Siding, Windows & Doors, we can use HOVER to improve the final results of our exterior siding, door and window installations, and more.

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