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Deck Installation

One of the best ways to enjoy great weather at your home is on your deck with friends, family, and loved ones—it’s the perfect way to spend hours relaxing and making memories that will last a lifetime. At Brooks Siding Windows Doors, we provide high-quality deck installation services not just in Salem, NH, but in all the areas in the immediate vicinity, including Windham, Pelham, Derry, and Manchester. For all things deck related, get in touch with us today!

TimberTech - American Walnut

Our Deck Installation Services

When you work with our contractors, we not only cover the deck installation, we make sure that every aspect of your project meets your specific needs—that includes full customization. We can also assist when it comes to landscaping advice to make sure all aspects of your outdoor experience complement each other. We can install all types of decks, including:

  • Attached
  • Island deck/detached
  • Wraparound deck
  • And much more!In other words, there’s a deck available for everyone. Learn more about what our friendly team at Brooks Siding Windows Doors can do for you today in Salem by contacting us! We’d love to help you get your dream deck as soon as possible!

Deck Installation and Upkeep

If you’re on the market for a new deck or you think it’s time to upgrade your current deck, making sure you let the professionals handle it is of the utmost importance. Our licensed and insured contractors have decades of experience; we’ve been in the business for over 50 years, and we will make sure everything is done properly the first time. While installing a deck seems fairly simple, it’s easy to poorly install your deck or use low-quality materials; this is especially dangerous for multi-level decks. We will ensure your deck is properly built and is reinforced to withstand the elements and fluctuating weather. We also will make sure that all local building codes and regulations are met: We cross all T’s and dot all I’s! We don’t expect you to be familiar with construction codes regarding the soil, frost code depth, or load bearing; that’s our job. We’ll make sure that you don’t incur any additional and unnecessary costs.

On top of that, we only use the highest-quality materials for your dream deck, and we make sure that it’s a design that meets all your requirements and needs. From the initial stage to clean up, we will be there every step of the way to make sure you get nothing less than what you expected from the beginning.

It’s equally important to make sure you take your deck upkeep into consideration; many decks are made primarily out of wood, and without proper maintenance, your deck could suffer serious damage in as little as a few years. That’s why our Salem contractors and experts can also ensure your deck stays in tip-top shape for years to come!

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